Rob's lie about death threats

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Rob's lie about death threats

Postby PinkUnicorn » 10/21/18 at 06:48:59

It has been awhile since I had given any thought about Rob, so I thought I would check out his board to see if anything was going on over there. There was a little tidbit in the comments section of a recent post that was interesting.

For the longest time, Rob has failed to provide a link to his claim of a death threat. Someone posted the following:

Death threats? You mean this link you sent to the police that is obviously not a death threat? ... t=postdate

Rob replies as follows:

I did indeed show that to the police. And, yes, that is indeed a death threat.

Of course, when you read the link, anyone can see it is not a death threat, so then the following comment was made:

THAT’S the so-called death threat you’ve been railing about all these years? No, indeed it is not a threat. It’s a discussion of guns and ammunition. The most a rational person could say is that it was off topic for the forum. Of course, society has abundantly documented the fact that you are not a rational person.

I read the entire thread and you weren’t even mentioned. Only someone suffering from severe paranoia would interpret that discussion as a threat.

Since Rob is now caught in a lie, he gives the typical response as follows:

A jury will decide the matter. That’s how our system works.

Rob just can't help but be his own worst enemy at times.
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