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Rob calls himself Rosa Parks, deletes my reply

PostPosted: 03/01/14 at 19:02:06
by Sensible Investor
Over at the plop he described himself as "the Rosa Parks of personal finance". The ego on this man must be totally out of control for him to liken himself to one of the icons of the civil rights movement. The part where he said "Losers hate. Winners have the courage to love" is also nonsense, but that's one for another day.

Today's example of honest posting not allowed at Rob's blog is below. I tried posting this three times but Rob deleted it after every attempt to post.

Rob, this ?Rosa Parks of personal finance? stuff is absurd. No one is stopping you from practicing what you preach, yet you remain out of the stock market just as you have been for some 18 years. As far as I know, not a single site banned you for believing in long term market timing. You were banned for being an argumentative troll who sees everyone who disagrees with you as some sort of hateful goon. When Scott Burns said you were being ?catastrophically unproductive? he was not being a ?goon?. He was being honest. Same goes for JD Roth, or whoever it was who told you that you are mentally ill. Seek help, Rob.