Deleted comments from Sept 6 Blog

Rob Bennett doesn't support the free wheeling, uncensored discussion he enjoys at the REHP forum on his own blog. He often deletes reader comments for no reason and without warning. When we're quick enough to catch them before they're deleted, we'll preserve the comments here.

Deleted comments from Sept 6 Blog

Postby arrete » 09/20/06 at 07:51:55

Some of these weren't deleted, but I offer all of them to give continuity.

I don't understand your comment about "only getting once chance for
first impressions". Doesn't your initial release of the book as a
vanity press publication with no major publishers or distributors
behind it make a first impression? If your ideas aren't ready for
publication, then why publish at all?
JM | 09.08.06 - 3:34 pm | #

JM has a good point. From looking at your "Buzz" section, I see that
you've been quoted in several media sources. Nearly every time, they
refer to your book "Passion Saving". So I would imagine that the book
already has wide exposure and first, second and third impressions
with the public.
TimK | 09.08.06 - 4:16 pm | #
Skeptic | 09.09.06 - 7:21 pm | #

Why can't I get this book on Amazon? I prefer to read the reviews
there by real people.
Anonymous | 09.09.06 - 9:51 pm | #

Anonymous, you can read a review by a real person here:

http://www.retireearlyhomepage.c...m/ rob_book.html

My guess is that the book is not available on Amazon because no one
would publish it.
Skeptic | 09.10.06 - 5:41 pm | #
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