Deleted post from Saving & Investing Board

Rob Bennett doesn't support the free wheeling, uncensored discussion he enjoys at the REHP forum on his own blog. He often deletes reader comments for no reason and without warning. When we're quick enough to catch them before they're deleted, we'll preserve the comments here.

Deleted post from Saving & Investing Board

Postby tashina » 06/23/06 at 12:04:17

Moved due to excess Hocomania:
from LINK

from Schroeder
Otherwise if you were a regular to hocomania, you would have known that my reply you quoted was to hocus.

from Hocus
Mike isn't a Greaney Goon, Schroeder. Every now and again, we have someone with an interest in the topic of early retirement drop by.

I think it might be the words "Retire Early" in the name of the board that are causing the problem. You might want to look into what can be done to fix that.

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