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Rob Bennett doesn't support the free wheeling, uncensored discussion he enjoys at the REHP forum on his own blog. He often deletes reader comments for no reason and without warning. When we're quick enough to catch them before they're deleted, we'll preserve the comments here.

Re: March 16 Blog

Postby tashina » 03/17/06 at 12:18:02

hocus wrote:
I believe that the best is yet to come for all Retire Early boards--the old ones, the new ones, and the ones yet to be born.


Now that you are banned from all of them, I absolutely agree. As long as that stays a constant, I see good things ahead.
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Re: March 16 Blog

Postby intercst » 03/17/06 at 15:13:28

Schroeder wrote:(Comment found on the March 16 Blog.)

Whoa! This one may be too hot to handle.

I've taken a look at your blog from time to time, and concluded that it is a massive heap of crap. I can't find a bigger pile on the web. Tell me, is it true that:

You own no stocks yet give advice on owning them?

You give advice on budgeting, like today, but spend tons of money producing a non-selling book while also having to cancel taking the kids to Disneyworld for Christmas?

You give advice on career changes, when your own expertise apparently is limited to being fired?

You tell people that owners of other retirement websites are massive frauds and evil because they recommend withdrawal rates of about 4%. You say this is much too high...yet you can't say how you determine this and, by the way, your own withdrawal rate is more than 10% of your savings per year?

You say that you created "the early retirement community" on the web, yet are banned from almost all of the websites because of incredible lies? The one that you are allowed to post at is dedicated to laughing at you!

I know that you will delete this as soon as you see it, because apparently no one is allowed to post here that doesn't agree with you 100%. That also explains why no one posts here!
Disgusted in California | 03.16.06 - 5:26 pm | #

I've added Disgusted in California's review of hocus's blog to my Hoco-book review.

I continue to be amazed at the number of hits on the Hoco-book review article. There is clearly a high level of interest in the failure of the hocus retirement plan and his reputation within the early retirement community as a persistent liar.

Some people are leaders, some are followers, and a few don't want to join the parade.
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Re: March 16 Blog

Postby hocus » 03/18/06 at 04:07:47

"Six" is a significantly bigger number than "three."

Thanks for your efforts re this matter.

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Re: March 16 Blog

Postby sgeeeee » 03/18/06 at 11:38:32

hocus wrote:"Six" is a significantly bigger number than "three."

Thanks for your efforts re this matter.


And hosuc says he's not a number guy.  Apparently, the little green and purple tree frog can count to 6.   :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: March 16 Blog

Postby manwisdom » 04/10/06 at 09:14:47

Hocus, you wrote this:

"When I see you put up ten posts a day for four years straight saying it, it leaves me unpersuaded"

I had to do the math. That means 14,600 posts. If you want, I can show you how to do that calculation. Just let me know.
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