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Re: Rob's Book ranking

PostPosted: 10/30/11 at 02:43:07
by intercst
What's an Amazon rank of 4.5 million? One book sale per decade?


Re: Rob's Book ranking

PostPosted: 11/01/11 at 22:20:42
by Yipee-Ki-O
Given the tremendous success of his first book and the millions and millions of people at risk of busted retirements if they don't discover the secret to investing discovered by Hocus it's just amazing he's yet to publish his mother of all investing books. I guess it's just too difficult for Rob to find the time to write a book since he's busy posting on Planet Interwebzzz 10 hours a day, 7 days a week! Gotta keep those adoring fans in the blogosphere up to date on the latest in hocomania! :lol:

Re: Rob's Book ranking

PostPosted: 06/04/12 at 13:23:23
by DRiP_Guy
ataloss wrote:maybe the long delayed book 2 will sell better ?:)

He mentioned the second book today, but a search of Amazon did not reveal any for sale.

Of course, while there, I thought I would do a routine update on the FIRST Hocobook's current Amazon ranking.... I figured it would just be business as usual, an extension of the linear portion of the chart seen in the last few updates... but, oh my.

Doesn't look good for Rob... looks like when he tries to sell his tome, the most common reply by potential readers is the same as we see over on the Plop: "No comment."


Currently #5,434,461, with a bullet (or is that a depth charge?)

I don't know what the absolute bottom of Amazon's ranking system is, but something tells me Hocus will find it.

Re: Rob's Book ranking

PostPosted: 01/12/14 at 10:01:28
by DRiP_Guy
05-24-2004, 06:16 AM

I have written a book on a new appraoch to money management that I call "Passion Saving" and my assessment is that what I learned at the Motley Fool board made that book ten times more valuable than it would have been had that board community not have been available to me. ... 14675.html

"Divide by zero error."