How Can This Be?

Rob Bennett is paying for vanity-published books and articles in various newspapers and magazines. Here we will discuss these attempts to gain glory in the public eye.

How Can This Be?

Postby tmeri » 08/04/07 at 16:28:58

You can buy hocus's first book, Passion Saving...., on his website for $24 plus shipping.  Over on Amazon, someone has a [highlight]used[/highlight] copy for sale for $25 plus shipping, which is more than you'd pay for it new.

What's the deal with that book?  Is it the one he gave to Boo for Christmas, or is his book on the way to becoming a classic?
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Re: How Can This Be?

Postby Orion. » 08/04/07 at 17:21:54

I believe this is the same book that hocus paid to have reviewed and placed on Amazon.  After some months, It sold, and now the buyer hopes to dump it. With one copy available and a sales rank of 2.6M, I don't think this represents an additional book.
Seriously, hocus, I don't know if you're really insane or you just believe that acting that way is a good way to get attention.

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Re: How Can This Be?

Postby Cute Fuzzy Bunny » 08/04/07 at 20:15:17

Easy explanation.

The owner glued all the pages together, improving the resulting readable content.

Make your own joke about how the pages were glued together.
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Re: How Can This Be?

Postby BigMoneyJim » 08/05/07 at 14:11:08

$24? Didn't it used to be closer to $40? Did he drop the price substantially?
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Re: How Can This Be?

Postby tashina » 08/06/07 at 09:45:59

If you buy the book from Hocus, unless you are a Smart Goon like me (mine was sent General Delivery and picked up by my husband), Hocus gets your address (and maybe even credit card info!)

Wouldn't you pay an extra dollar to buy it on Amazon and be one more degree removed from Hocus?  
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