How is Hocus different from Casey Serin?

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How is Hocus different from Casey Serin?

Postby DRiP_Guy » 06/14/07 at 08:04:25

I had previously asked Robert Bennett, Financial Planner, Author, and Career Consultant from Purcellville Virgina to opine on the Casey Serin saga (see recent clip from New York Times article)

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CNet article, with MP3 file interview here:, ... 90602.html

In particular I would like to know from Mr. Bennett if he approves of Mr. Serin's intent and actions before and after foreclosure.

I also would love to hear Bennett or anyone interested compare and contrast these two Internet Age self-proclaimed free thinkers.

To date, Mr. Bennett has completely ignored these requests, as he does anything to which he knows he can form no meaningful response that will not undercut his own positions.

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