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Googling Rob

PostPosted: 12/04/06 at 21:40:33
by DRiP_Guy
Google knows all? Here is a list with:
a) A search term, and
b) a short blurb taken from the very first page that was returned.

"Rob Bennett" financial advisor =
Morningstar Diehards Expose Rob Bennett as a Fraud

"Rob Bennett" retirement =
Perhaps the most well-documented and widely discussed early retirement plan failure belongs to Rob Bennett

"Rob Bennett" early retirement =
the book Passion Saving isn't worth your time and money

"Rob Bennett" retire early =
Can Retiring Early Make You Crazy? ? Rob Bennett Book and Media Discussion

"Rob Bennett" financial planner =
Self-proclaimed 'Financial Consultant' Rob Bennett, author of 'Passion Saving', has been filling the media with misstatements

"Rob Bennett" planning =
The book got poor reviews and has sold few copies beyond Rob's family.

"Rob Bennett" advice =
Rob Bennett is a self-proclaimed "financial consultant" and "career counselor" with no training or credentials in either field.

"Rob Bennett" author =
Russell often teams up with Rob Bennett, author of Passion Saving to form the Troll Brothers when they post in tandem on Internet discussion boards.

"Rob Bennett" published =
I tell you truly that I sometimes lie. Now, what kinda guy am I, really I?

"Rob Bennett" book =
Rob Bennett is paying for vanity-published books and articles in various newspapers and magazines.

"Rob Bennett" columnist =
Rob Bennett (Passion Saving) irresponsible and a persistent liar?

"Rob Bennett" writer =
Media Resource: Documenting Financial Consultant Rob Bennett's Misstatements

"Rob Bennett" passion =
Deleted Comments from Rob Bennett's Passion Saving Hoco-Blob

"Rob Bennett" savings =
internet troll, financial fraud, persistent liar, failed retirement, bi-polar disease.

"Rob Bennett" hocus =
The book Passion Saving is a verbose and poorly proofread adventure in vanity publishing.

"Rob Bennett" morningstar =
There's a reason that most people in the 'Retire Early' community regard Bennett as "irresponsible and a persistent liar."

"Rob Bennett" JWR =
eyeballing confidence intervals and throwing out data

Re: Googling Rob

PostPosted: 12/06/06 at 15:17:13
by intercst
Great list. <LOL>

Google does know all.

You may have missed the experiment I did with Google Adsense and Hocomania last year.

As part of our ongoing research activities, we stumbled upon Google's content-based advertising engine Google Adsense. This remarkable program actually reads the text of a web page, recognizes the context and message, then serves up ads appropriate to the subject matter. For most of the pages on the Retire Early web site, Google provides ads on retirement planning and investing.

To investigate the response of Google Adsense to Hocomania, we selected the classic "Book of Hook" rant (reproduced below.) The advertising that Google provided in response to Hocomania is displayed in the box below.

If you click the "refresh" button on your browser, Adsense will serve up another suite of ads -- typically for drug or alcohol abuse treatment, self-esteem issues, psychological counseling, and dating tips for men. If you hit the refresh button 4 or 5 times, Adsense eventually gets around to offering a 'Colon Cleansing' in response to Hocomania.

I collected about $1,000 in ad revenue before Google cancelled the account. I suspect that's at least ten times Hocus's book sales.