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JWR writes about Efficient Markets

PostPosted: 07/15/09 at 16:09:58
by Schroeder
This thread on the Income & Dividend Investing forum contains some Russell-mania. JWR's first comment was enjoyable mania (go read the thread). But his last comment was great!

Re: Efficient Markets at work ...
df21084 1 hour, 22 minutes ago | PostID #2677840


Therefore, the market should have priced these shares at zero already, and the fact that some imbicile is buying them at a non-zero price indicates that the market is not efficient.

The IMBICILE may be a full service broker allowing his clients to unload shares and recognize a loss for tax reasons.

Have fun.

John Walter Russell

Hi John,

Worthless shares could be written off regardless. ?The IRS would be hard pressed to prove otherwise.