JWR's disorganized website

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JWR's disorganized website

Postby Schroeder » 04/07/09 at 19:23:21

There's more than one person who attempts to follow JWR's writings. Who knew? :D

Re: Something simpler yet ?
DougVieques 9 hours, 36 minutes ago | Post #2642384 0 ? ?

John, as a careful reader of your web site, I could not find the referenced 'Something Simple Portfolio' page. Could you please put the URL into a reply? Thanks. I enjoy your remarks that cut through a lot of hype and jargon!

Occasionally having fun



Re: Something simpler yet ?
JWR1945a 9 hours, 10 minutes ago | Post #2642386 0 ? ?

Wow. I couldn't locate it either. [You can find it by reading old NOTES, August 9, 2008.]

http://www.early-retirement-planning-in ... imple.html

It was buried in an article Practicing for Retirement.

http://www.early-retirement-planning-in ... ement.html

Have fun.

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Re: JWR's disorganized website

Postby Zdeerman » 04/07/09 at 20:04:28

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?noun Psychiatry.

an obsessive interest in feces.

1930?35; copro- + -philia
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