Yahoo Briefcase Closing

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Yahoo Briefcase Closing

Postby ataloss » 03/22/09 at 04:48:24

Has announced how he will make his files available? He has used the briefcase extensively in the past.
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Re: Yahoo Briefcase Closing

Postby Zdeerman » 03/23/09 at 12:31:50

Breifcase or no, it seems he is still Mr. Bennett's biggest, and perhaps only, fan.

Russell recently said:

RobCast #80 (71 minutes) -- March 23, 2009 -- There Is No Free Lunch! Or Is There?
Rob Bennett has been on a tear with one outstanding RobCast after another. Tune in to learn the truth. Listen to his latest: There Is No Free Lunch! Or Is There?
Rob Bennett is a vile and despicable liar.
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