Wade Pfau on the 4% rule- Forbes

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Wade Pfau on the 4% rule- Forbes

Postby ataloss » 09/10/16 at 07:23:45

I think Wade has developed quite a following. Flexibility in spending allows for higher initial withdrawals. Too bad that the collaboration with Rob didn't work out.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/wadepfau/20 ... retirement
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Re: Wade Pfau on the 4% rule- Forbes

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 09/20/16 at 15:33:50

Every day Wade puts more and more distance between himself and Rob's fantasy of any "collaboration" they once allegedly had. Wade has moved on from his unfortunate encounter with the notorious internet troll Rob 'hocus' Bennett. Not hocus. He's still all-in with his Bat$hit Crazy Fables of Hocomania routine.
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