Curtain Falls On FinCon's "Crazy Uncle Rob Show"

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Curtain Falls On FinCon's "Crazy Uncle Rob Show"

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 09/06/15 at 12:14:29

In case anyone missed it, hocus announced (quietly) in a comment to his Plop the other day that FinCon15 had pulled the plug on his annual orgy of angry, self-aggrandizing, Bat$hit Crazy hocomania:

Anonymous says
September 3, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Isn’t FinCon coming up soon? Doing another talk this year?

Rob says
September 3, 2015 at 5:55 pm

I am not giving a talk this year.

I submitted a topic that I wanted to talk on: “20 Dangerous Investing Myths.” Since the Ignite talks are limited to five minutes, this would have given me only 15 seconds to describe each of the 20 myths. That would have been a blast.

I did not get enough votes in support of my proposal to be included in the session. That naturally makes me sad.

Valuation-Informed Indexing is amazing stuff. But it would be fair to say that my advocacy of it has not made me the most popular kid on the block.


Hokum's Hocomania Routine always seemed like a poor fit for the intent of the Ignite session which opened Fincon. Here's the skivvy on the process from their website:

About Ignite FinCon

If you are new to the world of FinCon (or Ignite), here is a little more information on how it works. Speakers get on stage for a five minute presentation with 20 slides on a 15 second auto-advance. Speakers have to use immaculate timing, or they can get completely out of sync with their presentations. Learn more about it and check out the rules here.

Each presentation is called a “Spark.” A “Spark” should “Ignite” something in the crowd by sharing ideas that are interesting, educational, and entertaining. There are no rules about the topics, they can be about personal finance, blogging, or something totally different. And even more fun, you pick the lineup!

Apparently there just wasn't that must interest amongst the other attendees of FinCon15 to hear the narcissistic, passive-aggressive, mentally ill internet troll and Habitual Liar Rob "hocus" Bennett wallow in self-pity as he gave another rendition of his annual self-centered tirades in which he played the aggrieved victim of persecution which was keeping his Grand Unify Theory of Investing from taking the world by storm. And making hocus Rich & Famous in the process. Rob's Bat$hit Crazy Hocomania Routine would have been a guaranteed buzzkill at a session designed to build excitement and enthusiasm for the main event to follow.

Sorry hocus. While Rob "hocus" Bennett's "The Hocomania Show" is sure to go on as long as you remain Crazier Than A $hithouse Rat, its destiny is to play out before a tiny audience of "Goons" in the blissful obscurity of your seldom-visited Plop.

The End.
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Re: Curtain Falls On FinCon's "Crazy Uncle Rob Show"

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 09/07/15 at 01:39:09

By the way, by all means don't miss both hokum's original post on September 3rd and then his follow up comments after. Both are chock full of such a stupendous degree of Bat$hit Crazy HocoLunacy that it boggles the mind! Even more so when you realize hocus actually believes his Delusions of Hocomania actually have some connection to reality rather than just being Theatre of the Absurd. That boy truly just ain't right! And he's getting less and less right with each passing day!!! :shock: ... /#comments
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Re: Curtain Falls On FinCon's "Crazy Uncle Rob Show"

Postby dab90south » 09/07/15 at 16:11:37

yeah, that format's all wrong for blabbermouth. he takes 1000 words to describe a 5 word idea, so trying to limit him to 5 minutes.....hell, he's just getting warmed up.
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