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recent books read

PostPosted: 11/30/14 at 16:43:21
by dab90south
i recently re-read a pair of books i've had for a bit: The Number, by Lee Eisenberg, which discusses how much $$ you need to retire, and what you then do with that money and your time. Salient passage that grabbed me:

"We're now living in an age - we're growing old in an age - in which 'everything is monetized'. He recalls a time 'when issues involving personal relationships, doctors and medicine, academic relationships, artistic life were considered out of the realm of monetary measures. An artist could be appreciated for who he was without being financially successful. A doctor was willing to perform a medical treatment without necessarily being paid right away or even at all if the patient could not afford to pay. Now, however, if people talk about disease often the health-care cost is an important part of the ... discussion. [That everything is] priced...has to do with the breakdown of values in our culture." (p.207)

and i also re-read Women, Men, and Money, by William Francis Devine, Jr., which discusses how to use your money to nourish your soul and your relationships, and one of his main points is that you need to find something to do to earn money, and that by earning money, that's how society approves and rewards what you are doing.

two different books, two different takes.

if i've done my planning right, i've made my money, now i can do what really interests me, without having to worry about how much i make by doing it.

so i tend to agree with the first book, and not so much the second book.

oh, by the way...the shop is a mess...again.