hocus and gender stereotypes

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hocus and gender stereotypes

Postby ogrecat » 03/18/14 at 20:22:55

As hocus is so into gender roles/stereotypes...shouldn't he be supporting his family?
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Re: hocus and gender stereotypes

Postby Sensible Investor » 03/18/14 at 20:48:38

You surely can't expect Hocus to act in any way rational. If he had any sense he'd have at least gotten one of those door greeter jobs at walmart around 10 yrs ago when he realized his writing career wasn't going to go anywhere.

His wife must be a saint.
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Re: hocus and gender stereotypes

Postby DRiP_Guy » 03/18/14 at 20:49:04

You don't think $500 million is adequate?

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Re: hocus and gender stereotypes

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 03/18/14 at 21:21:27

DRiP Guy wrote:You don't think $500 million is adequate?


Buys all the cotton candy a person could ever want! ;)
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