Is Rob really as dumb as he looks?

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Is Rob really as dumb as he looks?

Postby DRiP_Guy » 03/13/14 at 16:56:58

The fact he posted a Twitter link to this article and alleged Powerpoint presentation from the government on how to use the internet's social media, blogging and other facilities to disrupt, annoy and discredit, might give one pause, IF they assumed that Rob was actually able to understand the concepts and methods detailed within the presentation.

I tend to look at Rob's Twitter feed as evidence of him being a bit like a magpie -- merely picking out shiny bits of tin foil reflexively, without deep cognition, and instead, just out of a almost biological autonomous reflex...

But could he somehow be brighter and more clever than we give him credit for; and his whole persona and 'schtick' is an elaborate ruse?

If so, to what possible end, though?

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations
By Glenn Greenwald 24 Feb 2014, ... ipulation/


Until I see real evidence to the contrary, I think I will have to leave him in the 'insane wacko internet crank loner' category, but it always pays to consider beyond the surface...
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Re: Is Rob really as dumb as he looks?

Postby dab90south » 03/14/14 at 10:34:38

rob's best bet is to study college basketball, and submit the perfect bracket and win a billion dollars.
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