"People are talking"?

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"People are talking"?

Postby DRiP_Guy » 02/12/14 at 14:26:28

Oh, yes, they certainly did, Rob! They talked and talked and talked. FAR beyond your cherry-picked and twisted entries!

?If you look to the left-hand side of the page, you?ll see a section called ?People Are Talking.? That section contains over 100 comments on my work advanced by both big-name experts in the field and ordinary investors.?

And a detailed accounting of how you misprepresented, misappropriated and misconstrued those comments from ?big-name experts?and ordinary investors? may be found here...

http://hopetoprosper.com/how-has-buy-an ... ment-12718

Link from the reply, to what those people LATER said about Rob:
http://www.s152957355.onlinehome.us/cgi ... 390571/4#4
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Re: "People are talking"?

Postby dab90south » 02/12/14 at 14:32:17

And yet rob can't explain lucky 7.
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