Getting Folks to Act Is Hard-& Brings Quick Change

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Getting Folks to Act Is Hard-& Brings Quick Change

Postby hocus2009 » 03/29/13 at 10:22:27

http://plainblogaboutpolitics.blogspot. ... oesnt.html

The point made in this blog post is important, in my assessment.

Everyone has an opinion. Opinions don't mean much.

What counts is a willingness to take ACTION. It's hard to persuade people to act.

But, when you do, change comes quickly.

Change is very hard to achieve until some event takes place that brings on action. Then change becomes easy to achieve.

What the Buy-and-Holders fail to consider is that the next price crash will be a development of sufficient import to cause people to act.

Then the changes that should have been made 11 years ago or even 32 years ago will be achieved quickly.


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