How much to save for retirement?

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How much to save for retirement?

Postby intercst » 11/25/11 at 01:41:35

Some frightening numbers from the Wall Street Journal.
Table 2. Saving Rate Required for a Medium Earner to Attain an 80% Replacement Rate with a Starting Age of 35, by Rate of Return
Retire at:      Real Rate of Return
age ? ? ?2% ?      4% ? ??6%
62      46%      35%      26%
65      32%      24%      17%
67      26%      18%      13%
70      16%      11%      7%


I'm glad I got out when the getting was good.

I started saving 25% of my gross salary at age 25, and slowly ramped that up to 50% of gross in the last few years before I retired in 1994 at age 38. I enjoyed a 15% nominal return during a period when inflation averaged 4%, so that's an 11% real return.

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