a hoco-fable: Retire 5 years earlier w/lucky 7

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a hoco-fable: Retire 5 years earlier w/lucky 7

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 11/02/11 at 18:03:27

Our little innumerate hocotroll is at it again today at the Plop. He claims to have run returns sequences using one of the random number generatiors his deceased pensioner troll bud John Walter Russel cobbled together for him and, low and behold, he found that a person using hokum's Lucky 7 strategy could retire 5 years ealier than a buy-hold-rebalance investor! Shocking, simply shocking. That should settle the matter once and for all. The little minor matter that Rob "Hocus" Bennett fed numbers into a calculator which used made up returns sequences pulled out of thin air by JWR and came out with numbers that substaniate his claim is too trivial to even consider raising any objection to his results! :roll: :lol:
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