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Rob's vision of "honest and informed debate" doesn't include answering simple and straightforward questions put to him. The unanswered questions cataloged here are an important part of Rob Bennett's Passion Saving, Hocomania.

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Community Rules

Postby BigMoneyJim » 01/24/06 at 10:45:05

hocus often refers to board rules even though he appears to be in opposition to the board owner/operator. I asked him where these rules are, but he seems to have missed the question.

How can a board operator violate the rules his own board? Aren't his actions de facto rules? hocus appears to perceive this differently as if the United Peoples of Community convened and ratifed a set of rules to be used at all boards that use the phrase "early retirement", "retire early", "SWR" or any hocus-coined related terms.

Okay, that was rambling, but the unanswered question is "where are these rules you keep referring to?"
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Re: Community Rules

Postby arrete » 02/11/06 at 17:42:04

but the unanswered question is "where are these rules you keep referring to?"

That's a pretty good question. ?Each site presumably has its own set of rules - usually having to do with decorum and copyright. ?However, hocus seems to redefine rules in his own way - i.e. other people personally attack him all the time, while he has never personally attacked anyone. ?It's so laughable, but what his online perona apparently believes (or purports to). ?He also seems to disreguard copyright rules frequently

I belive that intercst, should he choose to do it, could take hocus to court and win on slander charges (since hocus uses intercst's real name and then slimes him). ?Probably not worth it, though. ?Too much effort for little gain.

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