Back to basics....

Rob's vision of "honest and informed debate" doesn't include answering simple and straightforward questions put to him. The unanswered questions cataloged here are an important part of Rob Bennett's Passion Saving, Hocomania.

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Back to basics....

Postby DRiP_Guy » 09/08/12 at 17:28:31

Time to remind Rob of the most basic of unanswered questions..... still out there.....

1. Answers we won't get from Rob
jason375| 04-05-06 | 07:08 AM

You got out of stocks in 1996 and seem to be quite proud of some message about financial freedom that you are bringing to millions of middle class workers. But you retired at 43 with $400,000 in CDs and tips, an amount inadequate to sustain financial independence. You talk about withdrawing value from your $300,000 house as it appreciates but I can't see how you can do that. Also you had a budget of $30,000 when you retired and planned to earn $10,000/year from writing but now you have a budget of $38,000 with the same assets. I think Belisama has had some good questions about how this is supposed to work. You have failed to answer them and it turns out that there is a board devoted to questions that you failed to answer at John Greaney's web site. You claim misrepresentation of your personal finacial situation but you are the one who brought it up (as an example of new thinking?) and you are the one who declines to specify the natureof the error.
Robert Michael "Hocus" Bennett, October 22, 2010: "I have been living off my savings for 10 years"
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