What did Scott Burns mean ?

Rob's vision of "honest and informed debate" doesn't include answering simple and straightforward questions put to him. The unanswered questions cataloged here are an important part of Rob Bennett's Passion Saving, Hocomania.

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What did Scott Burns mean ?

Postby Zdeerman » 04/30/09 at 15:19:37

Rob often recalls Scott Burns using the phrase 'catastrophically unproductive' in relation to Hocus. But Rob often characterizes it as if Scott were talking about some technical detail, or perhaps even someone else.

Unfortunately, Rob, your own Plop illustrates a more complete quote. Tell us what you think Scott meant by telling you in a personal email:

"You go about it in a manner that is catastrophically unproductive by adding missionary zeal that inflates your importance and demeans others. The whole idea that there is a new school of Safe Withdrawal Rates reeks of personal aggrandizement."


I think we 'Goons' are comfortable we have a handle on exactly what he meant by a plain reading of his words, but we would love to hear your take! You replied to him in part:

"To say that I have a "missionary zeal" re the SWR topic is to vastly overstate things."  [snip a couple thousand words]

Later that day Scott sent me the following 10-word response:

"Sadly, your response is exactly what I wrote you about."

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: What did Scott Burns mean ?

Postby Yipee-Ki-O » 05/01/09 at 10:12:15

Inflating his own importance and demeaning others is at the core of Rob's jihad.
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