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Rob's vision of "honest and informed debate" doesn't include answering simple and straightforward questions put to him. The unanswered questions cataloged here are an important part of Rob Bennett's Passion Saving, Hocomania.

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Add another to the pile...

Postby Zdeerman » 04/23/09 at 15:43:20

Rob has been told many times over that virtually NO ONE has stated 'va luations do not impact future returns' regardless of Rob's tiresome repetition of that claim. Obviously, if it were true, he would have no problem coming up with a series of links where this claim is made.

Rob uses that carnard over and over. Probably fifteen or twenty times in today's Plopcast alone! When asked to provide a single quote, a single link, to someone espousing that val uations have no impact on future earnings, Rob clams up.
Rob Bennett is a vile and despicable liar.
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