Who make it a practice to change recommend funds?

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Who make it a practice to change recommend funds?

Postby Schroeder » 04/09/08 at 17:56:06

Hocus claims the experts who advocate diversified equity portfolios change their recommended funds every few months. Of course, when asked for evidence, hocus gives a non-responsive answer. (**LINK**)

Schroeder wrote:
hocus wrote:the point you are missing is that most experts like David Swensen, William Berstein and Bill Schultheis advocate an equity portfolio diversified beyond the S&P 500.

Advocates of Passive Investing make it a practice to change the funds that they recommend one be passively invested in every few months while also insisting that passive investors "Stay the Course."

This is contrary to my experience, hocus. I have not seen David Swensen, William Berstein nor Bill Schultheis change the funds they recommend every few months. I think you are making this up. Prove me wrong and show me evidence of these authors changing the funds they recommend every few months.


hocus wrote:Are you going to ignore Schroeder's request for evidence of this and just babble on?

That's what Postr Archives are for, Orion.

If you want to learn, you will learn. Until you reach a point at which you want to learn, I think it is fair to say that there is nothing that can be done for you.

When the boards are opened up for honestr posting, I think it is fair to say that there will be hundreds of posters willing and able to put forward hundreds of examples of how "defenders" of Passive Investing change the indexes that one must be always remain invested in to qualify for the "rewards" that supposedly go to those who follow this investing "philosophy."

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Re: Who make it a practice to change recommend fun

Postby DRiP_Guy » 04/23/08 at 06:30:16


Would you like to reply, and then we can retire at least this one item from the rich treasure trove of "questions Rob Bennett will not answer".

Wouldn't that be a terrific goal for today: Do just one tangible thing to reclaim a single molecule out of the tons of spilt credibility that you have leaked out over your multiyear "Career" as an internet troll?

Do it before close of business today!

I can see no downside!

Blee blee blee!
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