Can Retiring Early Make You Crazy?

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  • The Best of Hoco-mania
    Can retiring early make you crazy? Get the latest news from the world of Hoco-mania. Surprising insights on arithmetic, imagined 'death threats', message board administration, and the merits of leaving a high-paying job only to pursue sub-minimum wage work in retirement to make ends meet. For more on Hocomania see Rob Bennett, author of Passion Saving.
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  • The Best of Russell-mania
    Get the latest happenings from the world of Russell-mania. Learn how to become your own sorcerer's apprentice and mine financial statistics, torture numbers, and delete inconvenient data points to support your theories. Russell often teams up with Rob Bennett, author of Passion Saving to form the Troll Brothers when they post in tandem on Internet discussion boards.
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  • Deleted Comments from Rob Bennett's Passion Saving Hoco-Blob
    Rob Bennett doesn't support the free wheeling, uncensored discussion he enjoys at the REHP forum on his own blog. He often deletes reader comments for no reason and without warning. When we're quick enough to catch them before they're deleted, we'll preserve the comments here.
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  • Simple Questions Rob Bennett Doesn't Answer
    Rob's vision of "honest and informed debate" doesn't include answering simple and straightforward questions put to him. The unanswered questions cataloged here are an important part of Rob Bennett's Passion Saving, Hocomania.
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  • Hoco-inanities and short non-responsive posts
    A repository of Passion Saving author Rob (hocus) Bennett's short non-responsive posts that do nothing to further the discussion and other Hoco-inanities.
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  • Rob Bennett Book and Media Discussion
    Rob Bennett is paying for vanity-published books and articles in various newspapers and magazines. Here we will discuss these attempts to gain glory in the public eye.
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