Important announcement!

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Important announcement!

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Greetings NFBers :)

Recent events have forced me to evaluate many things of late. One of them has been our site. The reason our site is here remains unchanged. The reasons for keeping it going remain unchanged. However other things have changed and I'm forced to change with them. So I've had to make a few choices concerning NFB. It costs time and money to keep our site going. For the most part it's been all of my time and most of my money. However there are those who have donated to help with costs. A few have been very generous and this has helped tremendously. Those same members are coming through again and we all owe them thanks. My thanks especially because this is a special mission for me. Because of them we are going to be around a good while longer. :D

First I would like to welcome back hocus to NFB! He will be taking over the board he created, the SWR board, where he, John and all those interested can continue their SWR work. Everyone is welcome to participate on the SWR board. If you disagree with the research there feel free to state your case, but please do it on the SWR board. And do it within the rules of our site. I realize this can be a controversial and heated subject. I also realize that not everyone agrees on these things. But all of our members have a right to their opinion. No matter what that opinion might be. They can be presented in a civilized fashion. That's what we expect. Please keep that in mind.

Second I'll take offense and deal with any attack made on any board from another board. NFB is a community. Let's make it a fun place to be. A little tolerance can go a long way.

Third there will be some other changes geared toward taking some of the time load off of myself. But other than the above mentioned changes NFB will continue as before and thank heavens for that! :D

My sincere thanks once again to those who contribute regularly to our site in any way they can.

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